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First stop: Condom, France!

Bike filled up with gas, bags packed, future unknown….is there a more liberating feeling than the departure of an adventure? I think not.

French Wine Adventure Essentials

I couldn’t resist. When I saw the name on the map, I had to double-check and make sure it was really true. Wow, seriously, people actually called a town “condom”? This is awesome! I have to make it my first stop. It’s only located a few hours south of Bordeaux, and the pure comedic value of claiming I’ve been to Condom, France is worth the extra hour it tacks onto my first day.

Welcome to Condom, France!


I had lunch at a local bakery in Condom, and dug up a few bits of information while chatting with some energetic locals:

Contrary to popular belief the condom was not invented in Condom, France.

In fact, according to my bakery friends, Condom doesn’t even sell condoms in their stores.┬áThere are a handful of stores in Condom and they only sell local produce and locally manufactured commodities. My gut questions these statements, but Jean Michel, a friendly old gentleman with a limp, stands by his word. He also mentioned these circumstances, have led to high adolescent pregnancy rates and a serious business opportunity.

Condom also means nothing in French, they call a Jimmy hat a preservative.

I wish I had more time to go condom hunting in Condom, but I need to make it to my camping spot for a big day tomorrow.



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