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First stop: Condom, France!

Bike filled up with gas, bags packed, future unknown….is there a more liberating feeling than the departure of an adventure? I think not. I couldn’t resist. When I saw the name on the map, I had to double-check and make sure it was really true. Wow, seriously, people actually called a town “condom”? This is … Continue reading

Biodynamic Wine & Viticulture: Defined & Demystified

Biodynamic Journey I started working for a biodynamic winery in California after college, and my desire to learn more about the origins and philosophy behind this fascinating practice was born. During my wine MBA studies, I have backpacked around the world with a video camera, a wine glass and a thirst for knowledge about biodynamic … Continue reading

Sorry I grow hair……a voice for the man who hates to shave!

It’s the morning of my departure, June 8th 2011, and I’m contemplating facial hair artwork. Staring into the bathroom mirror, I feel like a solider ready for battle. My beard is a dense as Frotto’s forest in Lord of the Rings, and my blade is a like a dull weapon……………………….I already feel defeated. I’m 25% … Continue reading

French Wine Adventure Betting Odds & Description

Vegas has opened up the betting for My French Wine Adventure (A motorcycle trip around France on a insufficient small motorcycle and insufficient funds).  Get shot at by angry French farmer for camping in his field:                                       … Continue reading

Haircuts, Life’s Chokeholds & Things You Should Always Appreciate

I’m trying to grow up, I got a haircut today. I’m not that excited about it, I told the barber to give me something French and don’t chop too much off. Apparently my French was good, because he gave me  a really Euro look. I’ve hit a frustrating patch. Nothing is going my way, I’m … Continue reading

How Agriculture & Viticulture Took A Wrong Turn

Understanding creates acceptance, so grab a nice glass of wine and have a read. Let’s get you up to date: Agriculture has been a method of survival for over 10,000 years, and most of it through the labor of human sweat and animals. It wasn’t until the late 19th century and early 20th century, with … Continue reading

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